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CPA Lead Machine

This is an incredible lead capture system that allows your site visitors to take quizzes on anything you wish for points, they are then forwarded to the CPA Network of your choice through your affiliate link to signup and qualify for prizes. Example Websites that Use the CPA Lead Machine Include:
Our CPA Lead Machine will come preloaded with a bunch of TV show trivia to get you started, but you can install this script on as many domains as you want over and over again, to run trivia games in any niche that you choose. Run a site dedicated to nothing but Monster Trucks, another dedicated to Baseball, how about dogs, or current events? The possibilities are endless on how many sites you can setup!

We do send you the script preloaded with some prizes as examples, but you will want to check with the Networks that you are promoting and be sure to replace these example prizes with the REAL prizes that they are offering!


  • PHP & MySQL


Price: $39