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Managing hundreds of different e-mail addresses for your mailing list can be a time-consuming and confusing task. For this reason, most businesses use a mailing list manager to perform this task faster and much easier. But a Mailing List Manager can also be expensive if youíre getting the wrong service. Let discuss the reasons why you should consider getting our own Mailing List Manager program to help you with all your mass e-mailing functions and needs.
If youíre in an online business, undoubtedly you do realize the importance of a mailing list. Of course, e-mailing is the preferred means of communication for many internet users and if youíre not using e-mails to follow up with your potential customers, you could be losing a great opportunity to increase your sales. In addition, not following up your advertising campaigns with the right e-mailing procedures can put your online marketing efforts to waste.
Letís face it, most consumers donít make a purchase right away after the first marketing attempt. Even if youíve reached your target market, most of them would not take action without a follow up move. In fact, online marketing surveys show that 81% of online sales are closed after several advertising contacts have been presented to the same target prospects. Obviously, consistency is the key to successful marketing.

What better way to follow up with your marketing campaigns than by sending promotional e-mails? Through a Mailing List Manager, you can be assured that youíll be sending effective e-mails to your target prospects with the aim to generate more sales and of course, more profit. Our Mailing List Manager comes at an affordable price. More importantly, you can guarantee that the software is easy to install, easy to use, and efficient. Donít spend a fortune for your marketing campaigns. Save your marketing budget by using our Mailing List Manager.

Here are some of Mailing List Managerís best features:

  • Mail Manager Pro makes use of the latest software application in the web PHP and MySql to give you the power to manage your newsletters and mailing list without any hassle.
  • Generates a ready-to-use HTML code to provide a subscribe/unsubscribe form for your customers. All you have to do is copy and paste the HTML code and youíre done.
  • Manage as many number of e-mails in your mailing list using just one interface.
  • Enables you to send mass email right from your admin panel
  • Be able to review past e-mails through its Mailing Archive
  • Be able to track who has opened the e-mail youíve sent.
  • Be able to send personalized e-mails more conveniently.
  • Get the Mailing List Manager for just a one time payment.
  • Start using the Mailing List Manager in just a few minutes of installation.
  • No complicated instructions to follow.
  • Effectively manage your subscribers regardless of the number of your subscribers you have.
  • The system works 24/7 automatically.
  • It delivers up to 600 e-mails in just a minute.
  • Customize the e-mails you send according to your own preference.
  • If you want, set up an automated Thank You page for your subscribers.
  • You can manually unsubscribe an e-mail from the list
  • The system automatically unsubscribes members just by clicking on the unsubscribe link.
  • Be able to send attachments with your e-mails for up to 2mb.
  • It automatically checks any duplicate e-mail address to prevent double subscriptions.
  • You can Customize your own e-mail message from the Control Panel.
  • It protects you from getting charged of spamming.
  • You receive a confirmation report when sending message.


  • 50 MB Storage Space
  • PHP & MYSQL 4.1.x


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