Private Label Videos

Private Labels

Private Label Videos

Now you can pick up *Private Label Rights* to our brand new Private label Videos collection for a fraction of the cost! This is the stuff that marketers need and want.!

Our videos ware designed to give marketers the information they need in 5 minutes or less. That's right...each video is 5 minutes or less...

This allows marketers to learn what they need and then get on with their daily routine. We've completely cut through all the fat to deliver your customers a no-nonsense video that will help learn quickly and easily...

All the videos are super high quality, precise and to the point. We are Master Product Creators, we've created dozens of info product sites...Now you can piggyback off our success and have your very own "money getting" video collection that you never have to create content for! We do it for you!!

Now you can sit back and kick your feet up while we provide you with all the Hot in demand content that your subscribers will absolutely love you for! You will be instantly admired and revered as an authority and super hero to your subscribers and make thousands of dollars doing it...

We already know that marketers need and want this stuff, we did hours of research to find out the shocking truth that over 80% of marketers don't know how to do this. Now we're handing you the keys to a brand new videos with hungry marketers waiting outside your door begging you to let them in...It's no brainer.

Video list

  • How to register a Clickbank account
  • How to register and create a Wordpress blog, and implement a new theme
  • How to add a Paypal payment button to your site
  • How to register a domain name with
  • How to add a meta description tag to your html code (for the search engine description)
  • How to set up a simple redirect
  • How to create a MySQL table in cPanel
  • How to install a stat counter to monitor incoming traffic
  • How to check your traffic stats from inside your cPanel (Awstats)
  • How to get and register a Google email account
  • Mass pay' your Paydotcom affiliates
  • Paydotcom affiliate setup
  • How to set up a Paydotcom payment page
  • How to embed a YouTube video into your web page
  • Turning your headline into a cool image
  • Producing your Camtasia video in a shareable format
  • How to add an 'Honest E Online' web seal logo to your web page
  • Adding Aweber code to your website page
  • Checking Aweber for correct installation
  • Using Aweber JavaScript
  • How to create a Zip file
  • How to create a PDF file with a free plug-in
  • Managing User ID's and Passwords
  • How to install and set up aMember Pro
  • Speed up your Start Menu with this cool Windows hack
  • How to create and install Audio on your website
  • Discover how to Import and Export your GMail contacts
  • Using Affiliate Elite: Reverse Google Search Feature
  • Creating a Download/Thank You page
  • Snag It Screen Capture Tool Effects
  • 404 Error Pages
  • Creating Camtasia Callouts
  • Creating Cool Transition Effects In Camtasia
  • Clickbank Vendor Cloaking Secrets
  • Hiding Files On Your Computer
  • Creating Awesome Text Reflection Effects
  • Using Zoom and Pan In Camtasia
  • Using Video To Flash Converter
  • Creating a Special VIP Page For Special Affiliates in Paydotcom
  • 13 Comprehensive Aweber Videos (MRR ONLY)
  • Submit Your Site To 120+ Social Bookmarking Services Automatically!
  • Creating a Favicon For Your Website
  • Google Alerts
  • eBay Pulse
  • eBay Completed Listings Feature
  • Facebook Signup
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Friends
  • Facebook Profile
  • Facebook Classifieds
  • Paydotcom To Aweber Auto Signup Tactic
  • ECOVER SET - Making Your Own Pro eCovers (8 parts)
  • Aweber Chicklet - Increasing Your Opt In Conversions
  • Fixing Dead Hyperlinks In Your PDF Files Using Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Adswaps - Building Your List Fast...and for FREE!
  • Adwords Banner Ads
  • Adwords Scheduling
  • Backend Commissions
  • Geotargeting With Adwords
  • IM Newswatch & PR Submissions
  • Position Preferences (Adwords)
  • Split Testing Ads (Adwords)
  • - Surveying Your Subscribers!
  • Upselling Strategies
With Private Label Rights you can...
[YES] Sell and keep 100% of the profits
[YES] Add your name to the sales page
[YES] Add your picture and signature
[YES] Add to the sales page
[YES] Remove items from the sales page
[YES] Add to a paid membership site
[YES] Use as a one time offer
[YES] Host them on your server
[YES] Edit video source files
[YES] Sell on eBay for $17 or more
[YES] Sell resell rights for $17 or more
[YES] Sell master resell rights for $17 or more

You cannot...
[NO] Give away free
[NO] Sell for less than $17
[NO] Sell 76+ videos together in one bundle for $17 or less
[NO] Sell private label rights

When you order Private Label Video Package you get:

  • 76 high quality videos. (over 2 GB)
  • avi, wmv, swf formats, you can modify the source thanks to avi files
  • Ready-made sale page for your membership site or a single sale page
  • Psd. sources available.
  • Free Updates so you will always have access to new products at no additional cost.

Price: $17