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This Is A Marketer's Dream Come True! Jump Ahead Of The Masses And Have Your Own Social Book-Marking & Tag Service Like Technorati... To Capture Tons Of Traffic!
Let me crystallize this for you. This Social Bookmarking script is the First and Only one of it's kind. The "Viral Socializer" will allow you to create your own Social Book-Marking and Tagging service in any niche or broad market. Your visitors will utilize your book-marking service to save, share and categorize all their favorite sites - with ease! As your visitors update their favorites, they will be constantly adding content to your book-marking site - plus generating you a steady train of traffic. We all know the Search Engines Love constantly updated content... Your "end-users" will first register (which will add to your list of prospects) then they will be able to simply import their favorites and bookmark new ones. Your end-users will also categorize them or tag them - all easily from a very user-friendly admin panel. It's a breeze...

With a couple clicks of the mouse, Presto! They are utilizing the system and growing your traffic! They can easily add a button to their toolbar, and be rolling along right away. Every time they click the button and add a favorite, your site is being updated with Tagged content! Search Engines will have a field day with this system... As a group of users, they will be able to view the most popular Tagged. This adds an "Entertainment Type" facet to the system. As the most popular tagged sites, become even more popular. Consider this the new wave, as we move closer to Web 2.0 And, you are way ahead of the game (as most marketers strive to be). You will be one of the first to be part of Web 2.0 and among the first to market this valuable service to the general public. Take a look at the screen shot below to see an illustration of just one of the Viral aspects of this system:

That feature illustrated above means more traffic... and more users who will in-turn bring in even more users, and on and on...

How powerful is that?

It's obvious to an Internet Marketer that the power of this system can Generate Traffic for years to come. The power is in the Viral Numbers and the Capturing of users for a long time.

People will have so much stored and set up that they will utilize this system for a good time to come. It's very much like article directories - Constant updating of Content on a never-ending basis...

There is an unlimited array of directions one could set this system up for. Here's just one example:

Web-Masters who have their own forums can offer this to the users so that they can share favorites with each other!

There Is An Unlimited Array Of Opportunities With This Script.

Believe me, savvy marketers will soon want a piece of this action. And, as this system trickles out into Internet Land, plenty of end-users will appreciate such a service. As a marketer, we all understand the power of being "First To Market". We know well what it's like to be ahead of the masses and "Ride Waves" while taking in large chunks of revenue along the way...

You see, once you start receiving Tons of Auto-Traffic you can then up-sell to Affiliate links, re-direct to other sites, Monetize it with Adsense, etc. The monetary possibilities are endless!

Speaking of monetary opportunities, this script will allow you to build a community in any niche. For example, you can create a community in Self-Improvement, Forex Trading, Health, Pets, etc. The traffic will grow and grow creating a tremendous Asset for you. This community will become Extremely Valuable. With all the traffic, users and Opportunities, you could ultimately end up selling the community for a large & hefty sum! Imagine having a community like this in a niche market (like Forex Trading) where there are thousands of unique visitors each day. This could create a ton of money each month, while continuing to grow and grow... further allowing you huge leverage in selling the community altogether!

This Is Very Much Like Having Your Own Technorati or!

I'm quite certain you see the Huge benefits a script like this can provide you with generating a huge list and a fury of traffic. A community like this opens up tremendous opportunities to cash in with several different monetary options! Another possibility is to build more than one Social Book-Marking Community. Once you have built up a few communities, you could have tremendous leverage for JV's in each market.

Below You Will Find A Screen Shot Of The Beginning Of A Social Book-Marking Site And How The Tagged Sites Start Adding Up!

See How The Tagged Sites Are Being Saved By Someone Else?


  • PHP & MYSQL 4.3 ++


Price: $37