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Twitter Scheduler Service Website

Everyone knows what is twitter but not everyone knows that this web 2.0 website has become one of the most powerful marketing methods nowadays. The Twitter Tycoon Scheduler Website allows You to start your own very successful twitter updater service or You can use it in your own twitter business.
Here Are some powerfull features:
  • Run Your own Twitter Updater Service
  • Schedule an UNLIMITED number of tweets!
  • Schedule tweets for your followers when you know you'll be away from your PC.
  • Schedule a yearly re-occuring "Happy Birthday" tweet for important people in your life.
  • Schedule "Buzz" tweets leading up to a website or product launch.
  • Schedule tweets to motivate your sales team, affiliates, or JV partners.
  • Schedule tweets to wish someone good luck on something.
  • ADD ICONS TO Your Tweets!
  • FLIP/REVERSE Your Tweets!
  • And much More...


  • PHP & MySql 4/5

Price: $29
Subscribers special promotion in progress, after 24 hours script will be public available