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Web Hosting Reseller

Reseller hosting is a very prospective online business that helps spread the popularity of the website hosting services throughout the Internet. With our FREE private label reseller program you have the chance to tell more and more people how important it is to have a web site nowadays. Through our unique fully automated reseller hosting solution you can set up a private branded web hosting company of your own with minimum efforts! We'll back you up with our expertise absolutely anonymously, providing hosting, billing and support services to your clients, hidden behind your private brand mask.

Turn-Key Templates

Turn-key templates

If you are new to reseller hosting and web hosting, we recommend that you use our ready-made turn-key templates, offering a wide variety of customization options. You can modify the templates according to your private brand conception by displaying your own logo (in text, image and flash format) in the header and the footer, your Company details in the ‘About Us’ section, etc. Using the turn-key store templates is easy – simply pick any of our nicely configured, commercially oriented templates, define your Store Brand (Doing Business As name), choose the services you’d like to offer, set up their pricing, and your Web Hosting Company is ready to go online!

Remote Forms

If you are more experienced in website design and familiar with the niceties of the web hosting business, we’d advise you to use our remote forms.

The remote order, domain search and client log-in forms will enable you to connect your custom-built reseller store with our billing system and web hosting database. This way you will be totally independent when building your unique online presence, while relying on us as far as billing and customer support are concerned. For your ultimate convenience, the remote forms are offered in different versions and are totally customizable in terms of size and layout.

Reseller API

If you are a webmaster wishing to have total control over your online web hosting reseller store and in the meantime manage all store settings from the Reseller Control Panel, we strongly recommend the use of our API (application programming interface).

Through the Reseller API functionality your store will smoothly cooperate with our reseller system while using a custom order form set up in accordance with your specific requirements. As regards to the billing service - you have the freedom to choose between two options - to set up a billing system of your own or to use the services of our billing processors.